Front Windscreen Replacement with ADAS Systems

For your safety the system should be RE – calibrated

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ADAS Calibration

Advance driver assist system recalibration

New in January 2021 we have invested in the Hella Gutmann portable ADAS calibration system.
Most ADAS features rely on cameras or sensors to function, these are normally located on the inside of the front windscreen at the top of the glass. If the cameras are disconnected during a windscreen installation this may cause a warning light to appear on the dashboard. Even if the cameras or sensors are not disconnected the system may still not perform as intended, a different make of glass or the windscreen fitted in a slightly different position could render the vehicle dangerous. This could be a danger to you or other road users. We recommend the system is recalibrated once a new windscreen has been fitted. There are generally two types of calibration, static or dynamic. We are able to undertake both types with our system.

Read the Thatcham report regarding ADAS calibration

Thatcham Research Brings Clarity to ADAS Repair

The types of ADAS system include the following, but not limited to.
Adaptive Cruise Control.
Autonomous Emergency Braking.
Blind Spot Monitor.
Collision Avoidance System.
Cross Traffic Alert.
Driver Monitoring System.
Emergency Brake Assist.
Hill Hold Assist.
Lane Departure Warning.
Lane Keep Assist.
Lane Change Assist.
Park Assist.
Pedestrian Protection System.
Traffic Sign Recognition.

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